GLC progresses challenge to mortgage arrears charges under Financial Services and Markets Act 2000

GLC has settled litigation against a 'sub-prime' lender in relation to 'administrative charges' imposed when their customers went into arrears of their mortgage. The following charges were applied on a repeat or monthly basis:  ‘Unpaid Direct Debit Fee’ (£25), ‘Arrears Management Fee’ (£50), Late Payment Management Fee (£25), and ‘Litigation Management Fee’ (£115).

Utlising the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and other legislation, GLC secured a refund of 75% of the 'administrative charges' imposed historically, a figure of just under £1,000, together with legal expenses. If this was replicated across the current UK 'sub-prime' mortgage book, GLC has estimated around £150m could be refunded to UK consumers; with a similar figure in relation to 'prime' mortgage book.

GLC's Mike Dailly said: "Govan Law Centre has been developing and testing innovative legal arguments as a means to challenge the imposition of unnecessary and unfair mortgage charges where UK consumers are in arrears. We believe the law is on the side of consumers, and we will continue to refine our legal strategy with a view to disseminating free information to empower UK consumers, and facilitate access to justice".